Not for Profit Organization

City: Lahore

Address: 334, Eden lane Villas 2, Lahore, Pakistan


Generating and revitalizing the rural economy through community participation is the key to development at the grass-root level. For the achievement of this end of development of both backward and forward linkages is imperative. While a host of appropriate technologies exist in and outside the country. There is little opportunity for their transfer to the end-user. This necessitated establishing a resource center to provide available expertise to the urban and rural populations in all fields of practical life.
PEHO Foundation is a multi-disciplinary non-governmental organization, which was formally established in 2010 and it got registered under the Societies registration act XXI of 1860 on 14 April 2014. The organization envisages the provision of umbrella coverage to civil societies and institutions in response to their socio-economic needs, by drawing freely upon the technologies available nationally and internationally to the local communities. It aims at invigorating and facilitating activities that will provide the capability to achieve development on a sustainable basis ending with improvement in their quality of life.

Type of activities
Distribution of Goods or Ration Teaching, Workshops Community Service Social Responsibility

Recent Activities Organized