Value Hub Thrift Shop

Fundraising and Donations activity by Sustainable Intervention Drive

  • Cities: Lahore
  • Starts Date: 20 November, 2020
  • Ends Date: 20 February, 2021
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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About Activity

The Learning Hubs is launching a campaign to generate items for the Value Hubs' Thrift Shop. We require our volunteers to collect donations in kind from families all over, such as clothes, crockery, pots & pans, household items etc., etc. once the items are collected they need to be sorted and sent to our Bagh Munshi Ladha Centre.

Desired Skills

  • Wilingness to help deserving and needy people
  • Good networking skills
  • Interest in Social Develoment
  • Interest in Sustainable development

Job Desctiption

  • Inform people about the Learning Hubs and its mission
  • Identify families who are willing to donate to this campaign
  • Initiate social media to gain awareness of this campaign as well as the entire project
  • Help create a social change in volunteers

Perks and Benefits

  • On successful completion of this programme, volunteers shall recieve a certificate of completion and those showing extraordinary performance will be made official volunteers of The Learning Hubs.
  • Volunteers will also recieve feedback from us to buld thier profiles.


The Value Hub campaign will run from 20th November to 20th February. Engagement between vounteer and supporter will be via on-line and in-person.