SID Learning Hubs Mentorship Programme

Teaching, Workshops activity by Sustainable Intervention Drive

  • Cause: Charity Child Protection Child Rights
  • Venue: Pakistan
  • Cities: Lahore
  • Starts Date: 05 October, 2020
  • Ends Date: 08 January, 2021
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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SID (Sustainable Intervention Drive) is designed to find sustainable solutions, replicable & scale able  models and apply them to community issues. Liberation loans to free debtors from moneylenders, interest free Microfinance, libraries & learning spaces, aids for people with special needs, facilities to old home residents, clothing & bedding for the underprivileged, educational loans & stipends, rations especially during the pandemic, clean drinking water, medical assistance, facilitating counselling services & treatment of drug addicts are the areas we are serving. Currently we are working on a project, Learning Hubs in collaboration with Akhuwat & Walled City of Lahore Authority. These are safe havens for children of sex workers, dancing girls, addicts, street children, destitute families of musicians and performing artists providing educational, technological, health, nutritional, vocational, recreational and counseling services to the most neglected and marginalized section of our society mainly residing inside or in the vicinity of the red light areas and musicians’ enclaves.

Presently we cater to 75 families in particular & the community in general. While the student strength is approximately 70 plus in Bagh Munshi Ladha & 40 in Delhi Gate. 
Our recent venture is The SID Learning Hubs Mentorship Programme. This programme is to support children from the Learning Hubs with their academics as well as give them counselling and guidance towards ethics and morals. The programme will run for a total of three calendar month.


  1. Good communication skills
    2 Empathetic 
    4.Interpersonal Skills 
    6.Emotional Stability 
    9.Problem Solving Skills


  1. As a mentor you are required to conduct a minimum of two sessions per week. 
    2. Inform in due course if you are not able to take a session and to assign a substitute. 
    3. You are required to maintain regular contact with the staff of The Learning Hubs. 
    4. You are required to have fun!


  1. On successful completion of the task, volunteers will receive a certification from SID
  2. Volunteers will also receive feedback on their performance to build their profiles.