My Income, My Freedom

Fundraising and Donations activity by Seed Out

  • Cities: Lahore
  • Starts Date: 01 September, 2020
  • Ends Date: 31 December, 2020
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Activity Hashtag
#No Poverty
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Financial Inclusion

About Activity

In Pakistan, 4 in 10 people live in multidimensional poverty and only 15% have access to formal financial services. Seed Out aims to alleviate poverty by helping less advantaged individuals access the funds, training and support they require to establish a means of livelihood so they can earn income sustainably and transform their lives instead of relying on charity. Not only do micro-entrepreneurs attain socioeconomic self-sufficiency, but also contribute to our nation’s economic development.


Seed Out’s campaign, “My Income, My Freedom”, aims to create, train and nurture 1000 male and female micro-entrepreneurs for which it needs the support of volunteers to spread awareness about its cause and raise funds.



Good communication skills






Fund Raising

  1. Volunteers are required to reach out to masses and seek donations for the cause.
  2. Volunteers will have to bring in at least PKR 20,000
  3. Volunteers must maintain a list of donors that come through their channels

Awareness Activities

  1. Promote Seed Out on your social media accounts; posts/posters will be provided by Seed Out and volunteers can develop their own creative content as well.
  2. Raise funds for Seed Out at campus events (optional)
  3. Arrange “Support a Micro-Entrepreneur” drives for female and male entrepreneurs, physically challenged entrepreneurs, transgender entrepreneurs, etc. (optional)

How to make a donation? Visit and select a micro-entrepreneur of your choice. Or, make a bank transfer (MCB Account details on Seed Out’s website).



  1. On successful completion of the task, volunteers will receive a certification from Seed Out.
  2. Volunteers will also receive feedback on their performance to build their profiles.




Registered Volunteers
M Ammad Ch

Male - Lahore