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Causes: Charity, Freedom of Speech, Poverty Eradication, Student Activism, Rights for Minorities, Climate Change, Social Service, Education




Jan 22 - May 22


Khuloos-e-Khidmat Pakistan is a student led charity organisation which believes in unity and serving humanity. But what specifically makes it stand out from the others is its ambassador program, which unlike other organizations makes the ambassadors work for the betterment of people rather than just representing the organization. We, at Khuloos-e-Khidmat Pakistan believe that ambassadors are the backbone of our organization and hence their participation helps us carry out all the projects and achieve all the set goals timely. The ambassadors are being supervised and looked upon by our ever so efficient ambassador heads who keep an eye on each and every ambassador no matter what the total number is. They make sure all the ambassadors are working regularly and actively.

All ambassadors are required to report to the ambassador heads who keep a record of their performances. At the end of their term with us, the ambassadors are awarded with a certificate of completion. Moreover if an ambassador decides to stay with us longer than their minimum internship period, other appreciative measures are provided to them as well. Ambassadors who have performed better than other ambassadors on monthly basis are appreciated in various ways as well. Our main aim at Khuloos-e-Khidmat Pakistan is to work towards the betterment of people, no matter what position we have to serve in. We use our abilities to the best of their power in order to make this world a better place.

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